PostgreSQL 影片



PostgreSQL 報表設計工具 - OpenRPT

是支持各種平台 PostgreSQL 最佳化的
圖形化GUI SQL 報表撰寫者, 設計者與解析引擎.

(有Win32版哦!! 更支援條碼bar code製作哦!!!)

OpenRPT 特色

  • Report Definitions are saved in the industry standard XML format
  • Stand-alone or Embeddable WYSIWYG Report Designer
  • Embeddable Report Renderer renders to local printers, including PDF and Postscript distillers
  • Support for All/Even/Odd/First/Last Page Headers and Footers
  • Support for Multiple Column Detail Sections
  • Support for static and database sourced images
  • Support for static and/or database sourced watermarks and page identifiers
  • Support for multiple detail sections and optional, multiple group heads and footers for each detail section
Formats Supported
  • Bar Code Formats
    • Code 3of9
    • Code 3of9 Extended
    • Code 128
    • UPC-A
    • UPC-E
    • EAN-8
    • EAN-13
  • Support for Avery Standard Labels
  • Support for portrait or landscape, Letter, Legal and A4 documents

Platforms Supported

  • Operating Systems:
    • Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP
    • Linux
    • Mac OS X
    • xBSD
    • Solaris
    • AIX
    • HPUX
  • Databases (right now):
    • PostgreSQL
  • With a little work:
    • DB2
    • Oracle
    • SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Generic ODBC connections

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jerryworld 提到...

請問在 PG8.0.3+ODBC7.3.2下delete from tablename, 當table內本來就沒有記錄時,會出現"函數順序錯誤",請問這個訊息可以關掉嗎?


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