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PostgreSQL 8.3 版正式發佈

今天 PostgreSQL 的全球開發團公佈了讓人們期待已久的最先進的開放源始碼資料庫系統 8.3 版本,那是我們團隊合作的成果, 表現最棒的開放源始碼資料庫系統。
總數超過 200多位的貢獻者的技術貢獻在這個版本之中,很興奮和欣慰交付這個 8.3 版本。歷經了 15個月的工作期。升級,並享受新的特性和更快的性能!
在 8.3 之中的性能特點,您將會感到興奮:

  • Heap Only Tuples
  • BGWriter Autotuning
  • Asynchronous Commit
  • Spread Checkpoints
  • Synchronous Scan
  • "Var-Varlena"
  • L2 Cache Protection
  • Lazy XID

8.3 同時也增加了大量很酷的特點給 PostgreSQL 資料庫管理員與開發者(DBAs), 包括:

  • CSV Logging
  • MS Visual C++ support
  • ENUMs
  • Integrated Tsearch
  • Composite Type Arrays
  • pg_standby
還有更多,很多其它特點包括在此版本中被加入。閱讀 features list 特點清單和 features matrix特點模型如果您需了解更多訊息的話,並瀏覽 release notes 發佈總結中記載的 300 多個大小更新,你甚至也可以瀏覽 press page 新聞網頁。

快速進行下載並安裝 8.3:

PostgreSQL 獲選 2007年度資料庫領域首獎

Winners of the's Product of the Year 2008 Are Announced

Developer 網站每年均會進行對開發者們的投票評選活動 ...
Developer 網站就技術、框架、開發工具、開發輔助工具、
Web Service 開發工具、無線/移動開發工具、資料庫工具、

PostgreSQL 獲選 2007年度資料庫領域首獎.

Database Tool or Add-in


  • Hibernate
  • Java DB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle Database 10g
  • PostgreSQL
獲得贏家的是 PostgreSQL。這一個是令我們吃驚的,而且傳達了一些訊息給我們的讀者群眾。我們需要把任務工作做得更好更棒,這點涵蓋這個話題! 推出的這產品稱為"世界上最先進的開放源始碼資料庫系統" ,看到這獎項的投票成績,他們的產品和工作態度是正確的。
And the winner is PostgreSQL. This one surprised us and taught us something about our audience base. We need to do a better job of covering this topic! touts this product as "The world's most advanced open source database" and after seeing the votes, they may just be correct.)

  • Technology : AJAX
  • Framework : Sun Microsystems's JavaTM Platform, Standard Edition 6 JDK
  • Development Tool : NetBeans IDE
  • Development Utility : Mozilla's Firefox®
  • Web Service Development Tool or Add-in : GoogleTM Maps.
  • Wireless/Mobile Development Tool or Add-in : NetBeans Mobility Pack.
  • Java Tool or Add-in : NetBeans IDE.
  • JSR (Java Specification Request) : 223: Scripting for JavaTM Platform.
  • .NET Tool or Add-in : Glassfish Web Services Interoperability.
  • Open Source Tool : Subversion
從 2005年至今,Java獲得大勝,一改 2005年之前 Java 只是略微領先 .Net 的局面。

PostgreSQL 官方新聞稿:

(更新) pgAdmin 1.8.2 發佈通告

pgAdmin 開發團隊發布 pgAdmin 1.8.2 通告,
開放源始碼圖形化介面的 PostgreSQL 管理者工具,
版本平臺包含 Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows 及 Solaris,

v1.8.2 主要以修正錯誤為主的版本, 包含下列的更新:

  • Size of the column label of SQLGrid was made variable.
  • Prevent a crash when viewing databases with % in the name.
  • Don't try to force new databases into a specific tablespace as this will error is non-superusers default to pg_default.
  • Correct the SQL generation for EDB inline triggers.
  • Generate function signatures correctly if the first parameters are OUT only.
  • Remove the confusing and near-useless sequence combo box from the column dialog per discussion on support list.
  • Fix the WITH ADMIN membership option when creating roles.
  • Refresh Views correctly on EnterpriseDB.
  • Fix the privilege editor on the Language dialogue, per Bborie Park.
  • Correctly identify the schema of trigger functions that are in system catalogs as can be the case with integrated full text search.
  • Warn the user if a file cannot be saved in the default encoding.
  • Undecorated out-param types must be included in EDB-SPL function signatures when altering comments or privileges or dropping functions or procedures.
  • Ensure enums are offered as datatypes for columns.
  • Fix column dialogue to allow proper modification of array columns per Erwin.
  • Newer build of EnterpriseDB consistently strip trailing semi-colons from package headers and bodies. Update reverse engineering allow for this.
  • Ensure the properties dialogues will work sanely with objects named " " (!).
  • EDB-SPL functions require NULL to be passed in out-params when debugging.
  • Ensure that EDB-SPL trigger DDL code is appropriately formatted on newer builds of EnterpriseDB.
  • Ensure the password and confirmed password always match when adding or editing roles or users.


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