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(更新) pgAdmin 1.8.2 發佈通告

pgAdmin 開發團隊發布 pgAdmin 1.8.2 通告,
開放源始碼圖形化介面的 PostgreSQL 管理者工具,
版本平臺包含 Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Windows 及 Solaris,

v1.8.2 主要以修正錯誤為主的版本, 包含下列的更新:

  • Size of the column label of SQLGrid was made variable.
  • Prevent a crash when viewing databases with % in the name.
  • Don't try to force new databases into a specific tablespace as this will error is non-superusers default to pg_default.
  • Correct the SQL generation for EDB inline triggers.
  • Generate function signatures correctly if the first parameters are OUT only.
  • Remove the confusing and near-useless sequence combo box from the column dialog per discussion on support list.
  • Fix the WITH ADMIN membership option when creating roles.
  • Refresh Views correctly on EnterpriseDB.
  • Fix the privilege editor on the Language dialogue, per Bborie Park.
  • Correctly identify the schema of trigger functions that are in system catalogs as can be the case with integrated full text search.
  • Warn the user if a file cannot be saved in the default encoding.
  • Undecorated out-param types must be included in EDB-SPL function signatures when altering comments or privileges or dropping functions or procedures.
  • Ensure enums are offered as datatypes for columns.
  • Fix column dialogue to allow proper modification of array columns per Erwin.
  • Newer build of EnterpriseDB consistently strip trailing semi-colons from package headers and bodies. Update reverse engineering allow for this.
  • Ensure the properties dialogues will work sanely with objects named " " (!).
  • EDB-SPL functions require NULL to be passed in out-params when debugging.
  • Ensure that EDB-SPL trigger DDL code is appropriately formatted on newer builds of EnterpriseDB.
  • Ensure the password and confirmed password always match when adding or editing roles or users.



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